Ariana Mae Lusis
March 6, 2009 - November 30, 2010
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Our Sunshine Girl

Ariana Mae Lusis was born into the water and into this world on March 6, 2009. From the moment of birth, she filled our lives with pure joy. We called Ariana our sunshine girl because she was full of light and life! Her bright blue eyes spoke volumes and we saw a wisdom and a peace in her that brought us great comfort.

Ariana loved the water and was always eager for a trip to the beach or pool and especially the bath tub! She adored her big brother, Jonas, and never shyed away from his sometimes rough and tumble play. The two spent hours playing together in the sandbox and chasing each other around the yard in their Power Wheels.

Even with the boyish influences of her brother, Ariana still enjoyed pushing her babies in the stroller and sharing pretend snacks in the kitchen. She loved to sing and dance and often serenaded us with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Ariana was a very confident, take charge kind of girl. "No" was not a word she responded to. She helped herself to any sweets she could find in the kitchen. Bath night was every night..........often twice. She loved to dig in the dirt and sprinkle sand in her hair. Instead of eating food, Ari preferred to stick it to her face, rub it in her hair, or throw it on the floor. She was a piggy little girl, but she made us laugh.

We love our girl and miss her terribly, but hold strong to the belief that we will see her again. Our hearts have been broken, but our lives are not without purpose. We have faith, hope, love and inspiration from our sunshine girl, Ariana Mae!

Some facts:

  • Ariana Mae could count to 11!
  • She loved to sing Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds."                                                                  
  • She walked like Mowgli from the Jungle Book until 14 months.                                     
  • Ariana LOVED sweets and it wasn't uncommon to find her dragging a chair into the kitchen to steal a sucker from the candy dish!                                                            
  • She often fell asleep when we played "This Little Piggy" and loved when we tickled her toes.                                                
  • She didn't care for story time, perhaps because it always preceded nap time or bedtime and would grab books away from her brother, slam them shut, say "the end" and throw them on the floor. Funny girl!

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